We have a labor force including painters, carpenters & drywall hangers. We also have a good network of subcontractors in all trades that we have experience working with, enabling us to keep on budget and schedule.

Mr. Varga began his career as a Project Manager in Costa Rica, supervising the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. In 1999 he founded G3 Construction, LLC,  the first environmentally friendly construction company in the Rhode Island area. He served as Construction Manager for Greater Elmwood Neighborhood Services, incorporating alternative green designs into housing units.

As Project Manager for Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Mr. Varga researched and incorporated alternative energy and green sustainable designs in major renovation projects, resulting in up to 35% lower energy consumption and environmentally friendly construction. He was a Subcontractor for Management Projects for IPC Construction and Jimaco Construction and worked as a Project Manager/ Estimator for Timberline Construction in Marion, MA.

In 2013, Mr. Varga founded BlueSkies Construction& Design LLC, a highly successful Construction Management company that has more than doubled sales and profits each year. He believes in a hands-on approach.

Works directly with operations to ensure compliance with deadlines, building bylaws and quality adherence;
recruits all Construction Management personnel and trains them regarding estimating, budgeting, contract negotiating, scheduling, client management, and warranty fulfillment; manages and mentors all site personnel, field staff, office accounting staff, and support staff; works with sales and marketing to ensure a professional presence and marketability of all products; personally reviews and monitors relevant legal/technical cognizance in each project.
Gabriel speaks English and Spanish and is conversant in Portuguese and Italian.

Founder, President and Senior Project Manager, Gabriel Varga has over 25 years of experience in construction, overseeing projects in the millions of dollars. He holds a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the Universtity of Rhode Island (2002), and represents the fifth generation of engineers in his family.